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Fresh Tofu made in NC

with net 0 carbon impact

- We source our soy from farms that have sustainable farming practices

- The farms are in NC and VA

- Made in Raleigh NC

- The packaging can be composted at home. Feed your plants with our packaging.

We're back! And We're looking brands for our market!

We're back! And We're looking brands for our market!

We back, stronger than ever! We have build logistics from the ground up, check out our fulfillment offering. Now we build a brand new market where people can buy their products, with the offset to make carbon neutral accessible and affordable. 

We are the free grocery for CPGs. Zero carbon. Zero slotting fees. Zero hassle. Join the liberation of CPGs - CZero grocery helps brands make money like a DTC channel.

Interested? Please email cat@czero.today to find out.


We make this possible if you join our fulfillment platform. 

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Tofu Postponed 😢 💔 But Carbon Neutral Shipping for Biz Launch Soon 😍

Tofu Postponed 😢 💔 But Carbon Neutral Shipping for Biz Launch Soon 😍

Hello All,

We want to thank you for your support. With the present supply chain crisis we have not been able to obtain the necessary equipment required to make tofu by our June Launch Date. We regret to inform you that the launch date for our tofu is TBD. However, if you wish to be updated, please sign up for our newsletter for updates. If you have made a pre-order, we have refunded your money. For those who used Paypal, you may need to wait a couple of weeks for your refund to be processed.


We have not been idle at this time! We have been quietly working on solutions to help food businesses save costs while delivering joy to their customers. We will soon launch our first B2B product - ShipZero!

ShipZero is wicked cheap, carbon neutral shipping for food brands. Through a strategic partnership we were able to obtain discounted shipping rates for UPS shipping labels that is typically reserved for large companies with high shipping volumes! Shipping discounts range from 25-40%. And of course, carbon offset is included in the price! We structure our prices so that it is optimized for heavier (5lbs) parcels, and support it for shipping across the country!

If you run a food business and would like to be included in the waitlist, please submit your information at



Thank you!

Still need protein? Have no fear! There are some amazing locally made options.

We would like to take a moment to boost some awesome alt-protein brands that we have met in our journey. I have personally used both of these to make dinner!

Dojofresh: Amazing crumbles


BytheBrook_Tempeh: Tasty Tempeh



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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Today I have launched CZero Grocery because I believe a future of abundance, rooted in sustainability. We use tech to not only sustain our lifestyle, but to account for our impact on our planet at every step.
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