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Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

The first Earth Day was fifty-two years ago. It was the birth of the environmentalist movement. The theme this year is Invest in Our Environment.

"We need to act (boldly), innovate (broadly), and implement (equitably). It’s going to take all of us. All in. Businesses, governments, and citizens — everyone accounted for, and everyone accountable. A partnership for the planet."

The biggest impact we can make is to not just be carbon-neutral, but to build systems that are designed to be as neutral as possible. Climate change endangers humans and our food systems everyday, and we need to take action today.

Every act towards reducing our carbon emissions is a step in the right direction. Companies are vocally stating initiatives to become carbon-neutral...

In 20...30...even 50 years.

We do not have time. And we do not have to wait.

In March I stealth-launched CZero Foods - a company that builds sustainable food systems. We bring food from farmers to food makers, and handle logistics. Think of order management and shipping logistics, done for food makers. More on that soon.

Today I have launched CZero Grocery because I believe a future of abundance, rooted in sustainability. We use tech to not only sustain our lifestyle, but to account for our impact on our planet at every step.

Since its inception, CZero Foods (including Grocery) is carbon neutral. Using tech and scientific research publications, we account for estimated carbon emissions in every step of the supply chain - from farm to you. Every purchase you make, you know that your impact has net-zero carbon emissions.

That explains the name - C is for Carbon, and Zero for having net-zero carbon impact. Being carbon-neutral is is how we execute not just a sustainable grocery store, but a sustainable food system.

Today, 30% of carbon emissions on our planet come from our food systems. This includes agriculture, food transport, processing, retail, and end-of-life.

CZero Foods sounds like more like an initiative than a food company, because it is. We are building sustainable food systems for all, and we use carbon emissions as our metric for sustainability.

It's bold. And for large corporations who argue about the cost of going carbon neutral, what we are doing is outrageous. Many are investing projects to only offset emissions, but are not innovating on ways to create less or avoid them completely. Some are creating tech to remove carbon from our atmosphere, which is valid and needed. Becoming carbon-neutral to them is an act to wipe aware their accountability.

Here at CZero Foods, we take a third way. We treat every emission event as a Carbon Cost that we work to eliminate if possible, because that's what it really is. When we do things, we are incurring a cost to the planet. One that can be quantified, and offset through local sustainability initiatives. Every item you purchase has a QR code that tells you where the item comes from, and the total carbon offset from your purchase, and where the carbon was offset. 

We include the creation of the food (like growing and harvesting it) in the carbon cost as well, to our best estimation using scientific publications.

People. Planet. and Profit. In that order. Being carbon-neutral is our bottom line.

All carbon offsets are purchased through NC GreenPower.

We don't really view ourselves as mavericks but more like accountants add up our carbon emissions (CO2e) who move food from farms to people. We are the bean shufflers who just happen know how to code. We have mud on our boots. 

So join us. You may not need to make a purchase here - spread the word. Change your behavior. Walk or take a bus instead of taking your car. Or, join our team.

We are farmers. We are food-makers. And we are humans.

Together, we have hope. Hope for a future where humanity can thrive in harmony with the environment that is abundant and beautiful.