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Dofu (Original) (Pre-order TBD 2022) Raleigh-Durham-Cary-Chapel Hill Only


- Delivery is included (Raleigh-Durham-Cary-Chapel Hill)

- Size: 3.5 in X 6 in X 3 in = 63 cubic inches

- size is nearly double the size of tofu made from industrialized farms and facilities (~70% bigger)

- Fresh tofu made with no preservatives in Raleigh, NC

- Soy is grown in NC and VA by farms that follow sustainable farming practices.

- 0 carbon impact. Carbon emissions are accounted for throughout the entire supply chain and offsets are paid off to ensure 0 carbon impact.

- Carbon offsets are purchased from NC Greenpower, a local non-profit working to improve NC's environment by supporting renewable energy, carbon offset projects and providing grants for educational solar PV installations at K-12 schools https://www.ncgreenpower.org/

 - Packaging can be composted at home.