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Dofu Batch (Starts July) - Commercial Customers and Protein-Hungry Folks

$200.00 $320.00

- Delivery is included (Raleigh-Durham-Cary-Chapel Hill)

Same product, different scale.

Purchase this item to get more for your value. 

With this purchase, you can get 4-9 blocks of tofu a week. Start with 4 and replenish (bring 2 blocks) when you are on your last tofu block.

You can have all Dofu (Original), or a combination of Dofu and Smoked Dofu.

The batch lasts for a duration of a month.

People who are weight-training typically spend $80 a week for meat, which adds up to $320 a month. Save your money and save the plant, get your plant-based protein.

Purchase with a gift card to accumulate points.

$1 = 2 points -> 400 points